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State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" - is the only organization in Kyrgyzstan, providing a full range of services to diplomatic and equivalent granted foreign agencies.
In 2004, Presidential Decree № 65 of February 26, SE "Kyrgyzdipservice" was assigned to the Department for Presidential Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. The underlying argument of transmission served a parcel that legislation on Department of Presidential Affairs entrusted with the functions of keeping records of state property and control of its use. On its balance transferred the state property, including buildings of all state institutions, and buildings of foreign embassies and international organizations in the operational management of SE "Kyrgyzdipservice." Was assumed that this transformation will serve as an impetus for the further development of material-technical base of SE "Kyrgyzdipservice" and enhance system efficiency of diplomatic service as a whole.
May 16, 2004, adopted a new Presidential Decree № 166, which is recognized: in order to provide effective management of State Enterprise of diplomatic service "Kyrgyzdipservice" return it to the introduction of the Foreign Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Today the activity of State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" has two main areas:
  • Autonomous implementation of specific functions of coordinator and customer works on service of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Kyrgyz Republic, providing them with the operation of their livelihoods;
  • Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the implementation of some of its functions.
New Regulation to Ministry of Foreign Affairs identified a number of features that in a single system of diplomatic service performs only State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice." Among them:
- capital construction and reconstruction of objects for the accommodation of foreign representative offices and objects to provide services to foreign agencies in the territory of Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.
- according to the decision of the Government of Kyrgyz Republic - Kyrgyz Republic acquire ownership of of real estate abroad for placing diplomatic missions and registration the relevant documents;
- assistance in creating necessary conditions for operation in Kyrgyzstan, diplomatic representatives and international organizations;
- creating data bank, leased premises of diplomatic representatives of Kyrgyz Republic abroad;
- examination the condition of their material and technical base, provision of measures to promote its renewal;
- conducting work on interaction with all diplomatic missions of Kyrgyz Republic abroad for preservation rational use of material and technical base of the overseas agencies of Kyrgyz Republic;
- carrying out the collection and analysis of information materials on specific needs and issues of diplomatic representations of Kyrgyz Republic abroad and their staff.
State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice."