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19.08.2015 Charity Football Tournament

The State Enterprise of diplomatic service "Kyrgyzdipservice" of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic in August 22 and 23 is going to arrange charity mini football tournament among amateur teams, dedicated to the Independence Day of Kyrgyz Republic.

The purpose of this tournament will be collection monetary funds for the purchase of the hemodialysis machine which accords to the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic need about 1,200 people. At present in the country operates 8 departments with 69 dialysis machines. However, only half of requiring hemodialysis received free treatment.

According to the World Health Organization's around the world growth observed in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF). Thus each year, the total number and the number of patients registered primary continues to increase. Hemodialysis is the main method of substitution treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, ensuring the preservation of life of patients and prolongs their vigorous activity.

Approximate cost of the device for hemodialysis is 15 000 US dollars, and the cost of consumable material needed for one procedure is $ 50 USD. In consequence of the high cost of machine collection of monetary funds will be carried out throughout the year. In this regard, a charity football tournament will be the first event organized by SEDS "Kyrgyzdipservice" from a number of planned.

Collected funds during the event will be sent to a public fund "Elimbarsynby?» This organization was established in 2008 to provide moral and material support to those sectors of the population who are in dire need it: orphan children, disabled, elderly and low-income families, and also to appeal the population to mutual assistance. Fond plays the role of a bridge between those in need and helpers.

The idea of charity is not to work with one major sponsor and have their sponsorship database assets exceeding hundreds, maybe thousands of people want to volunteer to help the needy in Kyrgyzstan. The main income of the Fund is to collect 200 boxes means of voluntary contributions of sponsors and funds obtained by the short number 2015 for subscribers of Beeline network.

The football tournament will be held on the football field for the Association "Dordoi".

Participants and guests of the tournament:

- Embassy of the Russian Federation

- Embassy of the United States of America

- Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

- Embassy of Turkey

- Team of the embassies of the United Kingdom, Embassy of Switzerland, the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

- Team honorary consulates of Jordan, Indonesia

- International Federation of the Red Cross

- International Committee of Red Cross

- Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Administration of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic

- Government Office

- United Nations

- Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

- State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice"


Event venue - football field of the Association "Dordoi".

The program includes:

- Press Briefing (August 22)

- The opening of the event (August 22)

- Tournament (August 22-23)

- Reception (23 August)


Sponsors of the event:         

- Association "Dordoi"


- Pegasus Airlines

Invited persons:

- Gulnur Satylganov

- Omar Zhanyshova

- Mirbek Atabekova

- Julia Rutskoi

- Gulzhigita Kalykov


The opening of the event will be welcome speech

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic - E. Abdyldaev

Director General of the State Enterprise "CDS" M. Arstanbaeva

PC Brazil - O. Salymbekov

Director OBF "Elim Barsynby?" - Habib Arzykulova



- Nursultan Maynazarov


Judge of tournament

- Bahadir Kochkarov

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