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23.08.2015 Report on conducting charity football tournament

During the charity tournament was collected about 200 000 soms, which are aimed to public fund "Elim barsynby?". Received amount of money will be directed to the acquisition of the machine for hemodialysis.

The estimated cost of the device for hemodialysis is 15 000 $ and the cost of consumable material needed for one procedure amounts to 50 $. In consequence of the high cost of the machine collection monetary funds will be carried out throughout the year. In this regard, a charity football tournament was the first event organized by SEDS "Kyrgyzdipservice" of a number of planned.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic in the hemodialysis machine need about 1,200 people. At present in the country operates 8 departments with 69 dialysis machines. However, only half of requiring hemodialysis received free treatment. In this regard, the priority purpose to public charity fund «Elim barsynby?» was provided assistance to this category of population.

The organization "Elim barsynby?" Was created in 2008 to provide moral and material support to those segments of the population that are desperately need it: orphan children, the disabled, elderly and low-income families, and to summon the population to the mutual and understanding

The venue of the tournament was football field kindly provided by the Association "Dordoi".


Applications for participation in the tournament filed the following commands:

- Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany;

- Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Embassy of the Russian Federation;

- Embassy of the Republic of Turkey;

- Embassy of the United States of America;

- The International Federation of the Red Cross;

- The International Committee of the Red Cross;

- Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- Office of the Government;

- United Nations;

- Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe;

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice";

- Public Foundation "Egemendik";


Joint teams:

- Embassy of the United Kingdom,

- Embassy of the Swiss Confederation,

- Delegation of the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

- Team Honorary Consulate of Jordan and Indonesia;


Teams in the tournament were divided into 4 groups with 4 teams each. At the end of 3 games owners of 2 first places from each group advance to the ¼ final, after semifinal games, the game for the 3rd place and the final.

In struggle for the 3rd place on the football field converged teams of the Public Fund "Egemendik" and the Office of the President of Kyrgyz Republic The winner in this confrontation became the command of the Presidential Administration of Kyrgyz Republic overcame the team of the Public Fund "Egemendik" with score 4-2.

At the end of tournament have met favorites of their groups teams of the US Embassy and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regular time of match did not reveal the champion and commands went with the score 1-1, and only in the shoot-determined the winner of our tournament - Team of the US Embassy. Judge of the final game was Bahadir Kochkarov.

Selection of the winner of the charity tournament was held award ceremony for the winners and participating teams. During the event were the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic - Erlan Abdyldaev, Director General SEDS "KDS" Mirlan Arstanbaev, Honorary Consul of Brazil - Askar Salymbekov, Director of PCF "Elim Barsynby?" - Habib Arzykulov During the official part of the event diplomas were awarded in the following nominations:

- Stylish team - Embassy of the Republic of Turkey;

- The most friendly team - Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany;

- For Will to Win - PF "Egemendik";

- Audience Choice Award - Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Best Gentleman - Embassy of the Russian Federation;

- Best fan - fans of of the US Embassy.


And also individual awards were given to:

- The most spectacular goal - Kurmankozhoev Ulukbek team of SEDS "Kyrgyzdipservice";

- Goalkeeper of the tournament - Kalybaev Mairambek team of Government Office of Kyrgyz Republic;

- Best defender - Amandykov Temir team of Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Scorer of the tournament – Canetov Emil from the command of Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Best Captain - Parhanov Mirlan team of Office of the President of Kyrgyz Republic;

- Best player - Konurbaev Erkin from command of the US Embassy.


Additionally our sponsor is a company Pegasus Airlines introduced 4 certificates: 2 to travel in areas of Bishkek - Moscow - Bishkek, the ownersbecame commands of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany and 2 in directions Bishkek - Osh - Bishkek, which received commands of the United Nations and PF "Egemendik."

After awarding participating teams on the scene were Kyrgyz pop stars: Gulnur Satylganova, Anel and Becka Israilova. The lead of the evening was Nursultan Maynazarov.

We express our special gratitude to sponsors of our event the Association "Dordoi", LLC "AIO», Pegasus Airlines and judge of tournament Bahadir Kochkarova

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