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Diplomatic club

About club

Our Club is a unique association of representatives of diplomatic missions, consular offices of foreign states and equal to them representative offices of international organizations accredited in Kyrgyz Republic (representatives) and any legal entities - commercial and / or noncommercial  with any type of ownership (legal entity).
Club promotes the growth of understanding and establishment of friendship, partnership, and involves active dialogue of equal and mutually acceptable people who create an atmosphere of honesty, courtesy, ease, friendship.
Activity of Club is aimed at organizing events that contribute to strengthening contact between members of the Club, and with representatives of state bodies and local self-government.
The candidate for Members of Club taken among the Representatives of their own accord and do not need guidance about what inform the other members of the Club.
The partner of Club can be a legal entity. Partner of Club recognizes and accepts the present rules of the Club. Recommendations are necessary from members of Club (the presence at least two (2) letters of recommendation required).

Rules of Diplomatic Club

Members and partners of Club is prepared Club card and have the right to:
- Take part in outdoor activities of the Club;
- Take part in social life of the Club;
- Obtaining information on club activities, future plans;
- Initiate conferences, round tables and meetings at the club;
- Make proposals to improve the work of the Club;
- Appeal to the Club for obtaining organizational and other support;
- Enjoy the benefits provided for owners of Club cards;
- Voluntarily relinquish the status of members and / or partners of the Club.

At the same time, members and partners of Club must:
- recognize and comply present Rules of the Club;
- Contribute to the objectives of the Club and to contribute to its development;
- To provide material support to the organizational and administrative activities of the Club, pay an annual fee;
- Prevent actions and / or public statements, directly or indirectly compromise the Club, its members and / or partners;
- maintain Clubs spirit of mutual understanding and friendship.
Events of Club can be public or private.
At the event there are only private members of Club.
At the public ceremony members of Club can invite third parties (family members, business partners and others.), potential candidates members of the Club. The invitation is making in agreement with the Secretariat of the Club.

The Secretariat of Club
is represented by Kyrgyzdipservice that:
- provide information and / or coordination of the interaction between members and / or partners of the Club;
- promote the implementation of projects of Club including organizational;
- developing perspective plan of activities of the Club;
- represents the interests of the Club in outside organizations and / or institutions, informs members and / or partners of the Club on the outcome of the talks (consultations, meetings);
- makes proposals for changes and / or additions to "Rules of Club";
- carries out bookkeeping of club activity;
- inform the members about the work (activities) of Club.
 The secretariat of Club is headed by Executive Secretary of Club, represented by CEO of Kyrgyzdipservice that:
- Oversee the activities of the Club in accordance with these Rules;
- determines required dimensions for payment of one-time and annual fees of the members and / or partners of the Club, allocated for maintenance of the Club;
The Fund of Club is formed by membership fees, and sponsorship. Membership dues are used on organizational activities of the Club, souvenirs.