Application processing time
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Application processing time
According to the Regulation "About the order of registration of motor vehicles of diplomatic missions of foreign states and international organizations, their staff accredited in the Kyrgyz Republic» N 162 of April 18, 2011 Representative offices and Agencies for registration of motor vehicles and obtain the corresponding diplomatic registration  number plates sent to the State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" a note or letter with a request for the issuance of diplomatic registration number plates:
The State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" directs to the Department State of Protocol Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic within three working days.
Within five working days from receipt the letter from the State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" and copies of relevant documents, the Department State of Protocol Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic determines the eligibility of the issuance of diplomatic registration number.
In controversial cases, the period for consideration of applications can be increased up to ten working days, due with the necessity of holding appropriate examination according to international treaties and laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Consideration of documents and issuance of diplomatic registration number plates for motor vehicles, as well as the issuance of driving licenses made by the State Enterprise "Kyrgyzdipservice" within 30 days.