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Tourism services
About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has a significant tourist - recreational potential and great potential for tourism development, internal and international. For example, our country is characterized by foreign experts like: "... few countries on the earth with such an amazing combination of natural and cultural traits such as Kyrgyzstan. No doubt, in the mountainous regions you can see one of the most attractive landscapes in the world. "
Kyrgyzstan is a country of natural contrasts. High mountains, covered with glaciers, replaced by fertile valleys on which foaming, bear inexorably their waters, indescribable beauty of the lake, bordering snowy peaks - this all is Kyrgyzstan - the best place for your rest.
On the territory of Kyrgyzstan at one time passed the Great Silk Road, and you can still see the ruins of caravanserais and settlements located along it. For this "backbone" of the past carried not only goods for sale, but also the knowledge, traditions and customs of other countries. Perhaps that is why in Kyrgyzstan closely intertwined diverse cultures: nomadic, elements of which are still preserved in the high jailoo (pastures), sedentary, as evidenced archeologists are still finding, Turkic and European.

Geographical location

Kyrgyzstan is located almost in the center of Central Asia on the west borders with Uzbekistan, on the north - with Kazakhstan, on the south - with Tajikistan and China. Republics square - 198 500 sq.km. From west to east it stretches for 900 km. From north to south for 410 km. and lies approximately between 39 ° and 43 ° northern latitude. Almost 90% of the country lies above 1,500 meters, the average height 2,750 m, the highest - 7439 meters (Pobeda Peak), the lowest 401 meters (Leilek district). From west to east on its territory extends nearly 88 powerful ridges of grandiose mountain range of Tien Shan. Their main peaks - Pobeda Peak (elevation), Lenin Peak (7134 m), Khan Tengri (6995 m).
On the south-west of the country located mountainous system of Pamir-Altai.
Glaciers cover about 4% of the republic. In general, there are more than 8000. Including, the largest in Southern Kyrgyzstan (60.5 km) and North (32.8 km) Enelchek.