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Air tickets booking and sale

Which documents are required for buying a ticket?
The presence an original of any document to buy a ticket is not required but you should have a copy of the passport or data written out from it: series and number, expiry date, name and surname on Latin alphabet.
SE "Kyrgyzdipservice" offers the following services:
  • Flights schedule
  • Selecting the best and most comfortable routes for your request;
  • Selecting the best and lowest price of a ticket;
  • Complete information of the route of flight with time of departure / arrival;
  • Providing all possible types of discounts (family, youth, children, etc.);
  • Additional discounts for corporate customers and frequent flyers;
  • Bonus cards for frequent flyer;
  • Registration followed by a reservation of service in the VIP hall of the airport "Manas";
  • Notification of passengers in case of canceled flights or changes in time;
  • Constant communication via e-mail, fax, or mobile phone;
Booking air tickets - quickly, conveniently and inexpensively
Our operators can always help you to choose the most optimal cost and time of the route, offered to buy tickets for multiple airlines, if the journey involves a flight with transfers.
We work for those who value their time!
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